Bioinformatics Barcelona (BIB), an association whom BITAC is founding member presents its new website in order to give more visibility and potential to the bioinformatic area of Catalonia. You can read the press release after the break. You can also visit BIB’s page at the following link:

Bioinformatics Barcelona



– Bioinformatics Barcelona boosts its digital presence to become the meeting point for the bioinformatics community
– The BIB website details the bioinformatic activities of 40 partners and over 80 research groups
– The association aims to respond to the needs of all stakeholders involved in bioinformatics

Barcelona, 15th June 2016. Bioinformatics Barcelona Association (BIB) launches its website, which aims to be a reference in the bioinformatic sector at national and international level, and to become the platform for communication and interaction among BIB’s partners. Through this website, the association has enhanced its digital presence to become a meeting-point facilitator of initiatives and a think tank for the bioinformatic community.

The portal contains sections on the BIB partners and their research groups in the bioinformatic field, and on education and training, job offers and internships, news, activities and news clipping, as well as a section with specific information on the association itself.

The website aims to boost the international visibility of our ready-and-available bioinformatic strength, which, through collaboration among partners and together with external agents, can extend current limits to achieve increasingly ambitious goals. In this sense, the website details the bioinformatic activities of 40 BIB partners and over 80 research groups. In particular, the research areas concentrating most activity are those of biomedical informatics, computational genomics, the bioinformatics of disease and treatment, systems biology, structural bioinformatics and drug design.
Particular attention is drawn to the training section, one of BIB’s key strategic areas, which aims to bring together existing bioinformatic education and training in order to fulfil the needs of qualified professionals whose skills are increasingly in demand within diverse sectors.