BITAC has signed an agreement with COSTAISA for an international distribution of our standardization services and consulting in standards such as SNOMED CT, ICD9 and ICD10, SERAM, LOINC, NANDA, NOC and NIC.

In addition, COSTAISA will also distribute CTMAP, the SaaS solution we have been developing over the past 18 months which offers help in the coding in ICD-10 to facilitate automatic mapping of local terms that are not standardized into CIM-10- MC / PCS. COSTAISA also contributes its integration module care and management data, the COMMH, which should allow the creation CTMAP WCFSD and connection with DRG systems.

Notably COSTAISA is a specialist healthcare company that for over 45 years offers consulting services worldwide, as well as solutions in business strategies, information technology and communication, application development and outsourcing services .

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