Between days 8th and 10th of last June, Bitac participated in the XV National Congress of Medical Documentation. During the event, the company showed its attendees its solutions and services in coding standards for the medical sector, such as the CIE 10.

Several hundred professionals and companies of medical documentation participated in this Congress. Organized by the Spanish Society of Medical Documentation (SEDOM), it featured exhibitions of products and services, as well as conferences by experts in the sector.

The Congress, which took place at the Prince Felipe Research Center in Valencia, was declared of scientific and sanitarian interest. This award, granted by the General Directorate of Research, Innovation, Technology, and Quality of the Valencian Community, gives an idea of the importance of the event for the region.


Congreso Nacional de Documentación Médica

Technology, the protagonist of the XV National Congress of Medical Documentation

The central theme of the XV edition of this National Congress of Medical Documentation was “Medical Documentation and the new challenges: ICD 10 and Big Data”. Therefore, a good part of their workshops, conferences, and activities was related to new technologies. Also with its impact on the health sector in general, and in the medical documentation in particular.

With this aspect as a guiding thread, during the Congress, the CIE 10 and the Big Data were valued and analyzed with special care. They are probably two of the innovations that will most influence the health sector in the next future. The first will do more in departments of admission of health centers of all kinds, from primary care to hospitals. Meanwhile, the second, or rather, its application, will have a global influence on health, just as it is happening in other sectors. Specifically, concerning medical documentation, we could highlight its impact on the areas and departments responsible for clinical documentation.

In the event, participants discussed the difficulties that both novelties will pose. Above all, the new ICD 10 classification, because of the need to learn about it. As for Big Data, it is a technology of great strategic importance for the sector, due to the changes it will bring. Above all, in the collection and processing of information.



Congreso Nacional de Documentación Médica

The Congress, a meeting point for professionals from all over Spain

The Congress counted on several novelties. Among them, a new codification contest stood out. Besides, during all three days, there were all kinds of talks and conferences. All were taught by recognized experts in the field of medical documentation.

Attendees and participants in the National Congress of Medical Documentation had the opportunity to establish synergies between experts and companies. Also to share knowledge about new procedures and to strengthen ties to foster new relationships in the future.

Several hundred professionals and companies in the sector from Spain attended the event, both as participants and speakers. All of them with extensive experience in the areas of medical documentation and document management applied to health.