Bitac, entre los participantes en el Elixir Innovation and SME Forum

En junio de 2017 se organizaron en Barcelona unas jornadas gratuitas sobre la plataforma Elixir. Bajo el título Elixir Innovation and SME Forum, entre los días 6 y 7 de junio este foro acogió varias charlas y conferencias de expertos en biotecnología, genómica y salud. Y en Bitac no quisimos perdernos este evento, en el que tuvimos la oportunidad de aprender sobre los recursos que ofrece ElixirRead More

BITAC and Costaisa sign an agreement for the distribution of encoding services in Latam


BITAC has signed an agreement with COSTAISA for an international distribution of our standardization services and consulting in standards such as SNOMED CT, ICD9 and ICD10, SERAM, LOINC, NANDA, NOC and NIC.

In addition, COSTAISA will also distribute CTMAP, the SaaS solution we have been developing over the past 18 months which offers help in the coding in ICD-10 to facilitate automatic mapping of local terms that are not standardized into CIM-10- MC / PCS. COSTAISA also contributes its integration module care and management data, the COMMH, which should allow the creation CTMAP WCFSD and connection with DRG systems.

Notably COSTAISA is a specialist healthcare company that for over 45 years offers consulting services worldwide, as well as solutions in business strategies, information technology and communication, application development and outsourcing services .

You can follow the activity of COSTAISA in their respective channels:

Web –

Twitter – @CostaisaGroup

LinkedIn – Costaisa

Bioinformatics Barcelona (BIB), introduces its new website

Bioinformatics Barcelona (BIB), an association whom BITAC is founding member presents its new website in order to give more visibility and potential to the bioinformatic area of Catalonia. You can read the press release after the break. You can also visit BIB’s page at the following link:

Bioinformatics Barcelona



– Bioinformatics Barcelona boosts its digital presence to become the meeting point for the bioinformatics community
– The BIB website details the bioinformatic activities of 40 partners and over 80 research groups
– The association aims to respond to the needs of all stakeholders involved in bioinformatics

Barcelona, 15th June 2016. Bioinformatics Barcelona Association (BIB) launches its website, which aims to be a reference in the bioinformatic sector at national and international level, and to become the platform for communication and interaction among BIB’s partners. Through this website, the association has enhanced its digital presence to become a meeting-point facilitator of initiatives and a think tank for the bioinformatic community.

The portal contains sections on the BIB partners and their research groups in the bioinformatic field, and on education and training, job offers and internships, news, activities and news clipping, as well as a section with specific information on the association itself.

The website aims to boost the international visibility of our ready-and-available bioinformatic strength, which, through collaboration among partners and together with external agents, can extend current limits to achieve increasingly ambitious goals. In this sense, the website details the bioinformatic activities of 40 BIB partners and over 80 research groups. In particular, the research areas concentrating most activity are those of biomedical informatics, computational genomics, the bioinformatics of disease and treatment, systems biology, structural bioinformatics and drug design.
Particular attention is drawn to the training section, one of BIB’s key strategic areas, which aims to bring together existing bioinformatic education and training in order to fulfil the needs of qualified professionals whose skills are increasingly in demand within diverse sectors.


BITAC will sponsor the Health 2.0 Europe 2016 Summit

BITAC will sponsor the Health 2.0 Europe 2016 that will take place May 10-12 in Barcelona. This summit holds over 120 speakers and 600 attendees from around the world in three days where speakers and attendees will explore European and international innovation in patient-provider communication, consumer health, data analytics and more.

BITAC is proud to sponsor this summit and will be present during all three days in an effort to establish further relationships in the emerging eHealth sector.

BITAC becomes a member of the Consell Assessor d’Empreses of the TicSalut Foundation


BITAC has become part of the Consell Assessor d’Empreses of the Foundation TicSalut, the advisory body and participation of collaborating companies with TicSalut Foundation. Member institutions collaborate with the Foundation in the promotion of information and communications technology (ICT) in the field of health. It is composed of representatives of the leading companies in the ICT sector and health that voluntarily collaborate with the objectives of the Foundation.

The functions of the Consell Assessor d’TicSalut Empreses of the Foundation are:

  • Deliberate, advise and make proposals for action to the Board and the Management Committee on matters relating to the object and purpose of the TicSalut Foundation to promote the development and use of ICT and networking in the field of health .
  • Plan actions to strengthen relations between the different actors of the health system to support the achievement of improvements and greater efficiency.
  • Plan actions to project the Foundation as a center of TicSalut relationship and innovation in the application of ICT in the field of health, both in Europe and internationally.
  • Collaborate with the Board, the Steering Committee and director in the promotion of TicSalut Foundation to promote local and international economic investment as well as attracting qualified human resources.
  • Choose representatives to the Coordination Group Advisory Council business and, among these, to designate those who need to be part of the Standing Committee.
  • Any other purpose that contributes to the achievement of the foundational purposes.
BITAC was in Inforsalud offering solutions to semantic interoperability



Between the 8th and 10th March was held in Madrid the nineteenth edition of the National Congress of Health Informatics (Inforsalud) in which BITAC was present offering solutions to semantic interoperability in clinical or healthcare environments.

Congress has focused on the theme: “Comprehensive care: ICT in coordination between social and health systems.” With the main objective to put special focus on how to integrate health and social information of citizens and the responsibility of it in health to meet current demands for improved care and efficiency resulting from demographic change.

You can read more about the conference on the official website Inforsalud, where you have detailed information as well as detailed presentations that took place program.


BITAC attended the Digital Health & Wellness Summit 2016 held at the Mobile World Congress (MWC2016) during February 22-25. At these conferences together more than 400 leaders in the mHealth sector with the participation of delegations from more than 20 countries including the United States, China, Bolivia and Canada were given.

The congress was organized by the European Connected Health Alliance with the support of the organization of Mobile World Capital Barcelona. You can read more about the event on the website of ECHAlliance.

Interesting too were several reflections of the speakers on the need to address the gap of semantic interoperability in the era of digital health where it is necessary to end the isolated information silos as explained Florence Gaudry Perkins Alcatel-Lucent was evident with its magnificent project challenge of interoperability in developing countries.

BITAC congratulates Manuel Pérez Vallina

We are convinced that Manuel will bring great operational skills and new inputs to the organization from its vast experience in implementing terminology systems  in the healthcare environment.

His addition to the IHTSDO Management Board was announced during the congress of the IHTSDO in Uruguay (October 2015), with the addition of Doug Frisma, president of AMIA.